Wall Talks

Commissioned by Liverpool Culture Company for The City’s 800th Birthday Celebrations

Wall Talks

About the project

Set in Liverpool’s Tobacco Warehouses at the Stanley Dock market; chosen for the location’s unique industrial history. Wall Talks was a unique cultural event commissioned by the City of Liverpool for the Capital of Culture 2008

The development of WALL TALKS began back in 2004. Jen had been working in Luxembourg experimenting with theatre in non-theatre spaces and secured a grant from the Arts Council of England to research and develop a new site specific piece.
This led to more research and development in 2005 and 2006 supported by Liverpool Culture Company. Jen discovered the Heritage Market site in 2006. It seemed to be the perfect venue for the creation of a project that would tell the story of the City of Liverpool.

“There are two things that we want to explore in Wall Talks – sense of place and sense of identity. Sense of place arises out of hundreds of years of people’s spirits infusing into a building or space. Subsequent generations draw on this spirit. Sense of identity is broader – it involves a sense of cultural identity as well as a sense of family and individuality. We call this our roots”
Jen Heyes


Jen Heyes – Co creator, Director
Andrew Sherlock – Co Creator, Writer
Designer – Olivia du Monceau

Composer – Edward Watson (RSC)
Lighting Design – Phil Saunders
Film Maker – Peter Whitby
Sound – Colyn Lewin

Mark Concar
Alison Lambert

Brian Dodd
Nick Birkinshaw
Clementina Clemendore
Ebony Feare
Jane Hogarth
Victor Power

Jen Heyes has brought about a show that is rich, thought provoking and deeply enriching
The Stage


Breathtakingly Beautiful


WALL TALKS is a very unique project which forms an essential part of the heritage year celebrations and has been commissioned as part of the 200th year anniversary of the abolition of the British Slave trade
Fiona Gasper MBE

Even more inventive than watching Ken Campbell’s sci-fi road shows in pubs, during the early 80’s
Joe Riley

Liverpool Echo, 9/10