Tony Teardrop


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Tony Teardrop
there were clumps of frozen snow on the stage not created by the set designer but by Mother Nature
4 Stars : Phillip Key – Daily Post

5 Stars: Stephanie Harrison – Liverpool Live

Jimmy McGovern ” . . .an experience I will never forget . . ”

‘Tony Teardrop was originally written as part of a regional voices scheme with the National Theatre in 2004 but has never been produced as a stage production until now. Set in and around a residential support centre for the homeless and inspired by real stories, Tony Teardrop is a biting, humorous play about people living on the edges of society. We follow Tony on a journey through his interior landscape looking for the true meaning of ‘home’. We see the world through his relationship with fellow ‘space cadets’ and his struggles with the manager of the centre…until things come to a head when he takes the staff and residents hostage.’
Esther Wilson, Writer

“I saw Jen Heyes’ production of Esther Wilson’s ‘Tony Teardrop’ with music by The Cubical at Urban Strawberry Lunch’s bombed out St Luke’s Church tonight. It was a beautiful and magnificent and poignant with powerful and heartfelt performances all round, and it looked great, played in the highly atmospheric environment of the Bombdy which is home to many of the homeless people whose stories find echo in the play. Congratulations to all involved. Everyone should see it.”
Nick Birkinshaw
Producer, Actor, Director

‘Everyone, go and see this It’s not a recommendation, it’s an order! I can’t express strongly enough how incredible and brilliant this is! It’s unmissable! . . . You’ve made truly wonderful and inspirational theatre! I’ll be coming to see it again, as many times as I can before it finishes on 6th April’
Dr Cathy Butterworth
Programme Manager
The Arts Centre, Edge Hill University


As companion work to the production included writing master classes and an extensive outreach programme aimed at homeless and vulnerable adults.
Tony Teardrop was funded by ACE and Liverpool PCT trust and production partners including The Basement & Genie in the Gutter


Tony Teardrop – Neil Bell
Ken – Brian Dodd
Jan – Lisa Parry
Karen – Laura Campbell
Billy – Robert Schofield
Lisa – Hollie Jay Bowes
Marshy – Carl Cockram

Creative Team

Writer – Esther Wilson
Director – Jen Heyes
Design – Myriddin Wannell
Photography – Lee Jeffries
Music – Dan Wilson & The Cubicle
Lighting Design – Phil Saunders
Make Up – Nadine Wilson
Pre show Invisible theatre created and performed by Debbie and Tom(Genie in the Gutter)
Photographs: Lee Jeffries

Tony Teardrop