Talking Heads

talking heads

Talking Heads

by Alan Bennett

Directed by Jen Heyes
Designed by Olivia du Monceau & Lois Maskell
Dedicated to Graham Frood

The Royal Court Theatre: Liverpool Comedy Festival
The Brindley Theatre
Liverpool Academy of Arts


Pauline Daniels
A Lady Of Letters
A Cream Cracker Under the Settee

Eithne Browne (Winner of Best Actress – Daily Post Arts Awards)
Her Big Chance
Bed Amongst The Lentils

Dean Sullivan
A Chip in the Sugar

Former Brookside star Dean Sullivan shows of another side, beautifully playing Graham in A Chip in the Sugar, a very different character to Jimmy Corkhill in that he is much more introverted and much gentler

Katy West

Wirral Globe

Needless to say BBC and West End producers would do well to re engage with the spirit and talent contained in shows such as this. Far too many faces, voices and intellects are conveniently located within the perimeter of the M25

Joe Riley

9/10, Liverpool Echo

Merseyside’s own Pauline Daniels and Eithne Browne share the honours in a tour de force

Phillip Key

Daily Post

a theatrical tour de force

Philip Key

5 stars, Liverpool Daily Post