a peek-a-boo at mid-life


a show about…choices and chakras…courage and consequences…flesh and blood…and bellies

Written and performed by Peta Lily
Directed by Jen Heyes


Excellently directed by Jen Heyes, this performance sped along aided by an accomplished physical performance

Live Magazine

Calling Peta Lily’s act stand-up comedy is like describing the Bank of China Building as an office block or Miles Davis a trumpeter. For long stretches of MiDRiff – Lily’s latest work to hit Hong Kong after Topless three years ago – the mood is one of contemplation rather than commotion, the audience listening intensely to Lily’s compelling anecdotes on the absurdity of human emotions.. .Her monologues ooze thoughtfulness and wit; her intimate accounts of dealing with her dad spreading the ashes of her mum and a fleeting reunion with a long excommunicated friend are delivered with equal amounts of feistiness and melancholy. And most pleasingly, Lily never resorts to clichés and irony – the two tricks plied by most run-of-the-mill comedians. This is fringe theatre at its best.
Clarence Tsui

South China Morning Post

For those uninitiated in the world of theatre Peta Lily is just about the sexiest solo performer about. This “crackpot glamourpuss” mixes comedy, confession, song and sassiness in a truly compelling performance.
Midriff is self-exposure of the most intimate kind. Peta Lily talks about her life and thoughts. Death seems to be the central vein of the piece. She states:
”The greatest wonder of the world is that we all live as though we are immortal” and through this performance reveals the lunacy of this statement as she talks about the death of her Mother, brother and close friend. Using Hamlet as a notice board on which she pins the stories of her life (and ties her performance together), Peta Lily reveals the truth that humankind is unable to come to terms with their inevitable death. Excellently directed by Jen Heyes, this performance sped along aided by an accomplished physical performance.
Don’t let the morbid talk put you off. Peta Lily is honest and open about intimate parts of her life that most wouldn’t dream of sharing with strangers. She is unashamed in her use of the personal in her performance. And although the audience are left wondering if this is a stand up comedy routine, a therapy session, or a piece of performance art, Peta Lily never fails to entertain. Make sure you catch her next time she is in town.
Elli Johnson