Chorus of Power: Kintsugi

Soul Sisters


Local women of Rochdale/Bolton and Manchester with lived experience of domestic abuse. 
Soul Sister’s Empowering People  is a charity set up to empower people and their children who have been affected by domestic abuse to live independent lives free from fear and abuse. Founded by survivor and activist Asma Begum it was established to create a positively supportive pathway and group for healing and thriving. 
CutToTheChase productions: unforgettable stories told through live, digital and cinematic theatre experiences. Original, bold and meaningful productions that reflect humanity and diverse 21st Century audiences in the work that they create founded by Jen Heyes, award-winning theatre/digital film director and producer. 


Asma Begum and Jen Heyes met at Touchstones arts Centre, Rochdale when Asma performed in Jen’s production of London Artists Projects‘  Truth to Power Café where she first spoke her truth to power about her son Adil being the catalyst for them escaping domestic abuse. She has since gone on to form the lifesaving Soul Sisters Empowering People charity and together they have developed the idea for Chorus of Power: Kintsugi to gather together the creativity and talent of women survivors to shine a light on their personal stories with the intention of healing and changing policy that currently exists around domestic abuse. We believe that this project will go a long way to making that happen. This is first in a trilogy of works and from the women. Second will be the men and final part will be the children and families who use the services of Soul Sisters Empowering People.

Inspired by Kintsugi the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold — a metaphor for embracing your flaws and imperfections, one that leaves you stronger than before. Through a series of creative workshops at Touchstones, HOME, and Bolton Octagon a diverse group of local women have been cross stitching, singing, dancing, crying, writing, laughing, eating, debating and sharing their personal stories of the trauma they suffered through domestic abuse. Devised and directed by Jen Heyes, including verbatim stories performed by the women and local actors our offering is accompanied by live Arabic music. This first phase will be shared @HOMEmcr in May 2023 


Devised and Directed by Jen Heyes
Based on an Idea by Asma Begum
Verbatim stories from the women
Music: Guitar and Sufi Singing by Rubaya
Singing: Jen Heyes

K Story – Emma Matthews – actress
A story – Asma Begum
S story – Ankita Sakira – actress

Productions Team
Kelly Smith
Sue Williams
Emma Cottam

Chorus of Power © Sarah Hickson