Blood Wedding

Federico Garcia Lorca

Adapted by Ted Hughes

Directed by Jen Heyes

Blood Wedding

About the project

For the sell-out production of Blood Wedding @ Liverpool Playhouse CTTC commissioned the world class Flamenco guitarist Juan Martin to compose original music as well as play live in the production. Olivia du Monceau (designer) and Jen Heyes carried out their R&D in Granada, this was a great influence on the style, props and staging for the work.

Before rehearsals, Jen was invited to stay in Madrid, at the University de Estudientes. This prestigious faculty is home to the Lorca archive and is where Lorca studied with Pablo Picasso, Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali. It was such a once in a lifetime opportunity for her to Lorca’s niece, Laura Lorca, and chat at length, about her uncle Federico, his work and make new friendship. The Liverpool Playhouse production was considered to be a truly authentic interpretation of Lorca’s most famous play.

In Martín’s hands, flamenco is not so much a musical style as an entire culture compressed into a quivering box of air.
The Heavily symbolic final act is where most productions of Blood Wedding degenerate into absurdity, yet it is here that Heyes’s staging comes into it’s own.
The Guardian


Highly poetic, rich in flamenco inspired choreography and visually stunning throughout, this is a production that honour’s Lorca’s original text
Alfonso Barata


Blood Wedding
Jen Heyes’ ‘visually stunning’ production
Joe Riley

Liverpool Echo, 8/10