For centuries in cities, across the world, wherever and whenever people are feeling any sense of inequality and suffering, many find a way of expressing themselves through the artistic and creative arts. Great works of art have been conceived in times of inequality, through the mediums of poetry, drama, painting, music, film and any other form of creative expression one may think of, individuals and whole communities have risen up with a strong voice that can be heard above the crowd.

It is proven that community pride and neighbourhood cohesion is achieved through the communities themselves sharing their thoughts and ideas in order to find a voice through creativity, one that expresses itself through the artistic form and allows the people involved to gain respect and understanding which, in turn, fuels a powerful sense of community and individuality. People begin to feel healthier, less isolated and gain a greater sense of self worth.

Cut to the Chase believe that by working in collaboration through a creative and organic process we can bring about positive change whilst at the same time building and developing relationships between communities, artists, spaces and organisations.

People are at the heart of the Cut to the Chase Education and Community philosophy, a philosophy which aims to bring about positive change as well as provide an opportunity for individuals to express themselves and their opinions on a Global platform. This process supports the work produced and promotes it to a city wide audience and beyond. Four Corners provides the catalyst for positive change.